Cathiestuff, a local company from Bali, Indonesia, provides high-quality beauty tools for beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists.



Cathie Stuff

Sept 2021 - Oct 2021

UI UX Designer


Cathiestuff is a local company founded in Bali, Indonesia, focusing on the development and provision of high-quality beauty tools for beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists. Established with the aim of meeting the needs of makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia, Cathiestuff has grown to become one of the leading brands in the local beauty industry.


Layout Pages

Hero Section

Cathiestuff also offers many promotions displayed on their banners. They provide excellent services such as fast shipping, secure shopping, and insurance.

As a designer, I prioritize these services to build user trust in the products they purchase. Good service is crucial, and we disclose this upfront before the user checks out.


Product Category

I highlighted the makeup tools category with a masonry layout to make Cathiestuff's products appear more attractive on the homepage, capturing user attention and preventing boredom.


Product Bundling

I placed bundled products below the category display. The aim is to encourage customers to buy multiple products in one purchase, thereby increasing the average order value.


Flash Sale Layout

The next section is the flash sale, which my client requested to attract customers with low prices for a short period.

Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 22.10.04


To increase customer trust, Cathiestuff also wants to add customer testimonials to their website.



Cathiestuff also organizes monthly events that can be attended by their customers.


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